Thursday, November 05, 2009

our fish has 9 lives

We have a little fish, his name is moe-moe and I do believe he is related to cats and has 9 lives.
He doesn't always get fed everyday and I am pretty slack about keeping his water clean, and despite less the perfect living conditions he can survive almost anything Lance does in the name of love.
On numerous occasions Lance has given him crumbs of his snack such as cheerios and cracker crumbs, which doesn't make for clean water and might bother the fish's digestive system, as well as his gills. Also, he has survived numerous taps on the glass from fingers as well as trains, utensils, and anything else that little hands can grab.
Yesterday he survived, or at least so far he has survived the worst attack/attempt at love yet. I was fixing dinner and Lance was watching moe-moe who lives in the dining room. Lance came into the kitchen and told me that moe-moe smelled like poop. I said I know that I needed to clean his bowl and that is just what fish are like. Well being the slacker mom that I am some days had left the kitchen spray cleaner on the china cabinet after last cleaning off the dining room table and in reach of Lance. Lance, I guess didn't like moe-moe's dirty water and smell so he wanted to help clean it up in the way that he knew how. Lance sprayed cleaner into the bowl. I fortunately heard the sound of the spray bottle and immediately scooped out moe-moe with a cup and cleaned out his bowl right away hoping that the cleaning spray hadn't done any damage to the poor guy. So the next day, moe-moe seems to have survived his clash with spray cleaner and has a nice clean bowl to swim in. Then again, maybe there is something natural and not as harsh to the green works cleaners which saved moe-moe from instant chemical death. So at least one life down, who knows how many more are left.

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