Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 09

This Halloween we didn't do Light Up the Night, which I was really bummed about until the rain started. It was a rainy Halloween night which would have made for a miserable Light Up the Night. After dinner and handing out some candy to trick-or-treaters, I took the kids trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Lance had fun, Lily on the other hand was a mess. Lily didn't understand the concept of trick-or-treating, she wanted to go in each house, I guess she just wanted to be social. One house had a baby about her age and she really wanted to stay and play. After getting tired of carrying a grumpy Lily we headed back home. We then headed over to my mom's neighborhood to show off the kids in their costumes to her neighbors. Overall trick-or-treating was disappointing, the weather was bad, Jeff was gone at an event, Lily was a terror and it was hard working carrying Lily around in her over sized skunk costume.
I was ready for Halloween to be over with by 7 last night. This year Halloween seemed to last for days. Thursday was the costume parade and sing-a-long at Lance's preschool then Friday was a costume parade and trick-or-treating at the library. We did get a lot of use out of our ridiculously priced Thomas costume since he did wear it to three events plus countless times around the house and hopefully he can wear it again next year. Hopefully Lily can wear the skunk costume again next year, Lance got two years out of it and hopefully she will too.

The skunk costume is quite full and Lily kept toppling over.

Lance as Thomas the Tank Engine and showing off his engine Henry.

Lily as the "lil stinker" skunk

So Halloween is over with and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, then it is time for the crazy Christmas season, my favorite time of the year!

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