Sunday, October 25, 2009

the great re-arrange

A week ago Friday we began the Great Re-Arrange. I was really frustrated with our house arrangement and since buying a new one is not an option we decided to rearrange. Our house is a cape cod with two bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs, this wasn't a problem until we threw Lily in the mix. For the last 13/14 months lily has been in our bedroom, which was starting to become a problem, she was getting up a lot at night and since we were right there she never could get herself back to sleep. Also with her in our room we were never in there since she was in there asleep a good deal of the time. Also our living areas were divided up, their were toys in Lance's room, in Lily's room (though her bed wasn't there, but my sewing machine was), in the living room, and in the guest/playroom (where my computer was). The house was always a mess and we never had a central location to hang out. I was desperate for change, I couldn't keep everywhere picked up or keep my eye on the kids, someone was always somewhere different. Option 1: just move Lily downstairs, it was the easiest, but I didn't like the thought of her being downstairs by herself and it didn't solve the divided work/play space problem. Option 2: move both kids down which was an option I had liked months ago, but began seeing problems and I was still a little uncomfortable about both kids downstairs. Also it didn't solve the living space issue, we needed more living space that was a combination of adult space and kid space. So we decided on Option 3: we move downstairs, lily moves downstairs and we turn our large bedroom into a playroom/den. Our old bedroom is the same size or bigger than our current living room. We are now in the playroom/guest room and though it is smaller than what we had we really only sleep in a bedroom anymore and don't need extra space. So all the big furniture has been moved and everything has its place except I have to organize the stuff that was in both closets and figure out what to do with my chest of drawers. I love the new arrangement and am thankful that I can sew, pay bills, or work on my graduate work in the same room as most of the kids toys. I miss our big bedroom, but this makes the most sense, we are using the biggest spaces for living spaces that we use the majority of the time, now I can hopefully keep the living room tidy and won't have so much picking up to do, but I'm not crossing my fingers, I do have two small children who can trash a house in no time flat.

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