Monday, September 07, 2009

political polarization

All over the tv, internet and facebook people are going crazy about President Obama's address to school children. Parents are having a fit and don't want their children to have to watch. They seem to be under the impression that Obama has an hidden agenda to brainwash their children and incorporate healthcare and politics into a speech about setting goals and staying school. Is a Republican rebuttal really necessary to a motivational speech? Come on, give me a break. People seem to think Obama has a hidden agenda because it has never been done before, yet is has, I had to listen to Bush (the first one) tell us to say no to drugs in middle school, no brainwashing or life changes (then again he was republican and not into socialist brainwashing). Stop and think a second, are your children really that gullible and impressionable that they will listen and believe everything that the President says on tv, heck, will they even pay attention long enough to become socialists themselves? Does Obama really have that much power???? I know some think he is the anti-Christ, but is he more influential then GOD??? One comment I read, said it wasn't the President, it is actually the teachers who will be pushing the liberal, socialist agenda and the President is just opening the door for that conversation to begin. Really?? the teachers??? they also noted it was the teachers with their union agenda???? (note this was written by someone from the great state of VA which is a right-to-work state that doesn't have unions so their whole argument didn't make a lick of sense). Does anyone see how ridiculous this whole situation is becoming??? Though my children aren't in school yet, I am not concerned about the influence the President or teachers have over my children, I am concerned with their friends, they will have a lot of influence and that has been supported through research.

For me, the issue is respect. I am completely surprised how people have TOTALLY lost respect for other people, especially authority figures! Despite where you fall in the political spectrum, the President of our United States deserves to be shown some respect just like other national and religious leaders do, regardless of their beliefs. What lesson are we teaching our children when we make such a big deal out of a motivational speech and don't give the President the respect he should be shown by listening to him? Why does it seem people only get respect if their beliefs are the same? The President has a right to speak to children in the public school system because he has been elected to the be the highest administrator of the public school system, don't like it, go private.

Bottom line- I am absolutely floored by how ridiculous this whole situation has become and afraid for what the future holds for this country when a permission form is to listen to one television address.


Amy said...

Amen!!! Ooops.... am I still allowed to say that?

I think people need to take a big step back and look around. Is President Obama the BIGGEST threat to our kids???? Not drugs, sex, poverty and disease?

Thanks for putting that out there Sarah.

Randi said...

I'm totally with you. It's just ridiculous really. The disrespect for this president is beyond sad:(


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