Monday, September 28, 2009

a whole lot of randomness

1st- break my heart
last night jeff was in the mood for a campfire so we got the fixings for s'mores and headed out to the fire pit. due to poor planning the fire was a little weak, jeff did not take into consideration all the rain that had fallen the day before and had a hard time finding dry sticks or really any sticks that would burn. We got the fire going, enjoyed our s'mores and got ready to call it a night especially since the fire didn't look like it was going to last much longer. When the boys were cleaning up Lance grabbed the metal s'mores fork (the rotating things from restoration hardware) which was still hot and burned his thumb and fore finger. We got an ice pack for his fingers and tried to call him down. Every few minutes or so he would turn to me and lift up his blistered thumb and say "vroom, vroom." I tried explaining I had no idea what he was talking about and tried unsuccessfully a few times to figure out what he was talking about and then convince him to just sit with the ice pack. The third time he asked for "vroom, vroom," I asked him if he wanted a band-aid during out "try and guess what he may want through sounds and gestures", he immediately lit up and said yeah, and that is when it hit me, we have "Cars" band-aids and for the last half an hour he had been asking for one, but I didn't realize that "vroom, vroom," meant a Cars band-aid. Oh, how I wish this child would learn to talk, it would save so much time. We got him a band-aid, got pjs on, and then my heart broke to pieces. Lance is a thumb sucker, but he only sucks his thumb when he has his blanket. After getting him ready for bed he climbed up on the couch to get cozy, Jeff asked Lance if he wanted to his blanket and offered it to him, he shook his head, said no, and lifted up his hurt thumb. He couldn't suck his thumb and thus had no use for his special blanket, it was so sad, he was quite pathetic. Fortunately he was exhausted due to lack of a nap and fell right off to sleep without his blanket which is usually a go-to-sleep requirement. My heart was so heavy knowing that Lance's source of comfort at night was taken from him.

2nd- walmart looks more like harris teeter
I am not a big fan of Walmart, but I do shop there for groceries often due to their low prices. The Walmart that I frequent is currently getting a renovation and some of the areas are already finished, or at least they look very different. I didn't realize today how much appearances really does make a difference. This Walmart's renovation gets rid of the really long, ugly, grey (or is it white) shelves of groceries that are the typical Walmart grocery display and changing them for black shelves of various shapes and sizes. Many of the aisles reminded me more of a Harris Teeter or Fresh Market than Walmart and I have to admit it was a much nicer shopping experience. I would have never thought that my opinion of Walmart would change just based on their grocery shelve appearance, but it really has. Now I hope they will not raise their prices now that the store looks more like a high end grocery store and less like cheap Walmart.

3rd- i had a third, but I totally forgot it

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