Wednesday, June 03, 2009

rough morning

this morning was rough.
Last night i was home alone and lacked the motivation to clean the kitchen so a messy kitchen awaited me this morning. I decided to tackle it right away and started cleaning first thing this morning. Lily was playing in the living room and lance was watching a thomas movie, I have been a pushover lately and I was rushing to get the kitchen clean before someone needed me. Lily crawled into the kitchen and at first glance I thought she had gotten a hold of some graham crackers and made a mess eating them. She had "graham mess" on her legs, arms, and belly. Upon closer examination I realized that it wasn't graham crackers, but poop all over her. YUCK! and now it was all over me as well. I headed upstairs gave Lily a quick bath, which she screamed bloody murder through, and changed my clothes. I put the doormat which was covered in poop outside and cleaned up the floor where she had been playing. I then got both kids dressed, the library books packed up, and my thermos filled with water. Right as we were walking out the door I realized I had left my thermos in the kitchen and went back for it. I was holding Lily at the time and she reached out and grabbed the thermos and dropped it on the floor. The lid flew off on and ice water went everywhere. Lily had been extremely fussy this morning and didn't want to be set down, so cleaning up the mess and getting fresh water was no easy task. I got the kids in the car and headed to the library. The library was uneventful, thank goodness. The next stop was a friend's house, I needed to return some books she let me borrow awhile ago and I realized halfway there that I had forgotten to pick up three of the books that were upstairs and needed to be returned. After a short visit we headed off to speech. Speech was the longest 45 minutes ever, Lance didn't always want to stay on task, but for the most part was cooperative. Lily on the other hand was a handful. She kept biting me, thrashing all around, and throwing temper tantrums, it was rough. Right before we left speech Lance used the potty so I thought we were good to go for awhile, of course I was wrong. We got home, got in the house, and I went to go start lunch in the kitchen because I was starving. Lance immediately yells for me and I come into the living room to discover that he was standing in a quite substantial puddle of urine. Great, more to clean up, the third floor cleaning of the day and it is only noon. Lance overall has been doing pretty good with potty training, but he keeps having accidents in this one area of the living room at about the same time of day. Every day I think, this will be the day I can put back out the carpet and every day he has peed on the floor and I am thankful the carpet is still tucked away. I finish making the sandwiches I was working on and get what I need to clean up Lance and the floor. We are out of clean underwear and naptime is hopefully immediately after lunch so I attempt to put Lance in a pull-up. He of course has it off in five minutes and is trying to use the bathroom, I don't understand why around lunch time he loses the ability to decide if he has to go or not. I noticed on the second pull-up attempt that his behind is irritated and the pull-up is most likely to blame so I leave him alone since I have bigger battles to fight. My bigger battle was for his blanket. As I was cleaning the floor I realized that Lance has gotten his favorite blanket in the pee and it needs to be washed. Trying to get his blanket in the washing machine was quite a battle. Taking away the blanket is not always easy especially before naptime! I am finally able to return to preparing lunch, get it on the table and attempt to eat while dodging Lily's hands which are trying to grab everything off of my plate and in my hands, she is being her fussy self that is insisting on being held. Lance ate a little bit of food, but mostly complained about his raw behind and who knows what else. I diapered both babies and took them upstairs. Fortuantely they both went down easily and will hopefully wake up in better moods. Upon reading through this morning's saga it doesn't seem that bad, but insert fussy baby who screamed every time she was set down for any reason and grumpy toddler who only wanted to watch thomas the tank engine and repeated over and over his train noise and you too might want to pull your hair out. Little tasks took much longer then necessary this morning and someone was always wanting something or crying because they couldn't have it, not fun at all. Life with two opinionated children who can't talk can be really tiresome. I just wish that the silence and peacefulness of naptime would last for a little bit longer, the fussy baby is awake.

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Amy said...

Oh no. I totally empathize. Ugh.
One day last week (I'll post about it later today), I made a bowl of brownie batter at 9:00 in the morning - just to eat it. Egads. I hope the seas calm soon for you.


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