Tuesday, June 02, 2009

all alone

I am starting to understand how hard it is to be a single parent.
Tonight is the third night in a row I am home alone.
In the last five nights, I have been alone four of them.
It is lonely, the kids are here, but Jeff isn't.
I am starting to think I stink.
Not really, he is just very busy right now, which leaves me at home alone with the kids.
Friday night was Fast Fridays, a group bike ride he started.
He was with us Saturday night, it was our first night out in over a month (with the kids, but out never the less, which was fun).
Sunday night he went camping with a friend, leaving us all night.
Last night he was priming the walls of the new store until late.
Tonight, he is painting the walls and once again won't be home until after I am asleep.
It is weird not having anytime to talk and spend time together. He comes home for dinner, but dinnertime is so crazy we don't get a lot of time to talk.
I will be going out of town soon to visit friends so we will be apart even more.
We are currently two people occupying the same space, it stinks.
I can't wait for a whole week at the beach with no work and stuff going on and we can spend some quality time together. Only 25 more days until our beach week. Thank goodness.

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