Monday, June 08, 2009

vacationing solo

The kids and I just finished day 3 of our 5.5 day tour of 4 states and the district of columbia. we are having fun, but it is hard traveling alone. I do pretty good during the day, but it is the evening when the kids are cranky and I am exhausted that I just want to be at home. last night I was so tired I fell asleep at 9:45, tonight if it wasn't for surfing the Internet I would have probably conked out at 8, but I don't want to be up at 5 am so I am trying to stay awake for a little while.
Saturday morning we drove up through West Virginia (state 1) to my friend's house in Maryland (state 2) and went outlet shopping in Gettysburg PA (state 3).
Sunday we had a surprise birthday party for a friend and just hung out at the house, resting for today.
Today we packed up the kids (4 between the two of us) and a picnic lunch and went to the Strasburg Railroad near Lancaster, PA. Lance loved riding on the train and I got a kick out the Amish buggies, don't know why, but it was crazy to see buggy parking in the parking lots and a buggy in the drive-thru line at the bank (using banks seems so modern). We also made the mistake of going to a Thomas the Tank Engine store where I was suckered into by Lance to purchasing a train, as though he doesn't have quite a few already, those suckers are expensive! We then headed back to my friend's house and crashed.
Tomorrow we are heading down to Alexandria, VA (state 4) to visit another friend and hopefully have a down day, I am tired. Wednesday we plan on going into D.C. (the 1 district) and going to a museum or the zoo. Thursday we will hopefully be hitting up IKEA for breakfast and heading back home.
We are halfway though are trip and though I am having fun, I am tired, being a single parent is rough especially when you aren't at home and your schedule is totally out of whack. Lance surprisingly is doing a great job at potty training while on vacation which is awesome, I thought we would be regressing, but he has been doing awesome, I am so proud of him. So we are halfway through and I am definitely going to need a vacation from this whirlwind vacation, or maybe just one afternoon by the pool by help.


Amy said...

You are a brave woman - proud of both you and Lance. =)

35 and holding said...

come on and go with us when you get back.


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