Saturday, May 02, 2009

yard sale fun

My mom, her best friend, and her best friend's mother were all going to hit up this subdivision that has lots of yard sales this morning she asked if I wanted to tag along. Hmmm, sleep in or get up early and go around to yard sales that may or may not have something I need. I couldn't decided so I went to bed and figure if I was awake in time I would go, if not I would stay in. Well, at 6:55 I was awake so I got dressed, got Lily dressed, and met up with my mom to hit up the yard sales.
I have to say, it was a lot of FUN!
Not only did I have a great time I ran into a lot of people.
I ran into several people from my old church that I hadn't seen in YEARS! It was so good to see Tom, the greeter, he is such a sweet old man, I miss seeing him every Sunday morning. I saw a few acquaintances of friends and Jeff's. I saw one of my dance instructors from when I started taking dance again after college, it was funny we recognized each other, but couldn't figure out who we knew each other, and it took awhile to figure out how we knew each other, but it was good reminscing.
I didn't realize getting up early on Saturday morning was such a social event.
I got some good buys too.
I got a sleeper, and outfit, and toy for Lily. I got ten books for $3.25 for both kids, and most of these books didn't look like they had ever been opened. I got three hot wheels/matchbox vehicles in the boxes, never opened for potty training rewards for Lance. I got a grater for cheese for free at one house that was just giving stuff away. I found an I Spy vehicles book for Lance and a Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas ornament for him too. Oh and another sun car window thing for Lily's side of the car. My best find was a bicycle for Jeff for $30, hopefully he will be able to fix it up and sell it for a $150 or $200. I had a great time and can't wait to hit up some more yard sales in the coming weeks and help my mom with one this summer too.
So I had a good time getting out, seeing people, shopping for dirt cheap, and letting Jeff and Lance have some time just the two of them a.k.a. letting me have some Lance-free time.
Oh yeah, I am absolutely amazed at some of the junk people try and sell! Such as the the thermos you get for FREE at the hospital, the having a baby book you get for FREE at the OB office, the board books you get for FREE at the hospital when you have a baby which have the sticker says that they were a gift, the children's meal toys and books, and other FREE things, does anyone buy that stuff? Some stuff was really nasty or junky looking, such as the rusty spray paint, who wants rusty spray paint? Some stuff was really random, one house had a box of at least 20 viewmasters of various styles, were they hoping they would be worth something one day? My favorite ridiculous find was a set of fake snakes with a sale price tag from target of 48 cents, but when I asked how much I was told they were 50 cents, it would be cheaper to get them at Target! The ridiculous items just made the shopping adventure that more interesting and definitely kept me entertained. I don't look down on anyone and what they were selling, I am just curious people's mindset, me I give away anything I wouldn't buy myself, I seem to have a very high standard, maybe I could make more money with a lower standard, hmmm, something to think about.

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