Sunday, May 03, 2009

water in the valley

A wise friend told me that though the valley is hard, you can find water in the valley. She was speaking of spiritual valleys and mountains, but the same applies to motherhood and life right now. I found some water in this valley of motherhood.
First, Lance totally blew me away last night. We decided to go for a walk. I threw the keys and my cell phone in lance's side of the stroller since he was going to be walking most of the way, or at least I hoped so. As we were pulling away from the house Lily grabbed my keys and Lance sat down on his side of the stroller, I didn't think about my cell phone until Lance got out of the stroller and I needed to check the time. I looked in the seat and didn't find it and started to panic and that is when Lance saved the day. He walked towards the back of the stroller, leaned down and pulled my cell phone out of the basket. I remember him putting something in the basket before we left on our walk, but I didn't realize that it was the cell phone. I was blown away that he was paying attention to the conversation and he got out the phone right away. I was so proud of my little man. He knew that the cell phone was important and put it in basket and then got it out when I needed it. It is moments like this when I feel just overwhelmed by the love I have for Lance and I wonder how I could ever get frustrated with him, though I do.
The other water came from an idea Jeff had. Our house has two bedrooms upstairs and two downstairs. Lance's room and our bedroom is upstairs. Lily's bedroom is downstairs, though her crib is currently in our bedroom. The other bedroom downstairs is a playroom/guest room/office. Currently there is no adult space and Jeff and I both have felt that we have no area to ourselves, but don't know how to remedy the problem, but we do now. I hate the thought of Lily being downstairs all by herself, all alone, makes me sad, but I won't feel so bad if both Lance and her were downstairs and that is what our idea is all about. We would stay upstairs and then move Lance downstairs and then create a guest room/office upstairs in Lance's old room, that way Jeff and I would have our own space. I would have space to work on the bills and crafts and Jeff would have space to work on business stuff and we would have our own space. Our own little retreat, a place to get away from children, it sounds wonderful. I can't wait! We would not need a playroom because Lance would have a space to play on the main floor, his bedroom. I am not sure when we will make the big move, but the idea gives me some hope, lifts a bit of the weight that it on my shoulders. I would love to move to a bigger house, but right now money is non-existent, so this re-arranging will change things up and hopefully make it feel like a bigger house and hopefully will make the space we do have more usable. I like change.

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