Friday, May 22, 2009

i heart FLOR and my dyson to clean it with

I have had my FLOR for almost 2 months now and I love it more everyday. It makes the room seem so much bigger and brighter. It is so easy to clean up and vacuum, it is the best floor covering we have ever had. Okay, I am starting to sound like a FLOR advertisement or something, but it really is awesome. I also love my Dyson ball that I bought, I am amazed at how lightweight and easy to use it is. I am so thankful that I got the vacuum to keep the FLOR nice because our old vacuum would have just pushed around the dirt around. So the FLOR and the Dyson have changed our life a bit. I sit and play on the living room floor now. We don't wear shoes in the house to keep the rug beautiful. We also vacuum daily which is the biggest life change. I use to only vacuum when absolutely necessary, but now I vacuum all the time, it is kind of scary what a clean freak I have become and I blame it all on the vacuum. Also, Lance isn't afraid of this vacuum anymore, in fact most of the time we are fighting over whose turn it is to vacuum, we've come a long way. I am the queen of buyers remorse and using money on bills and saving instead of what I really long for, but these two large purchases are regret-free and I am thankful everyday for them.

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35 and holding said...

what is FLOR??? please tell me...


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