Friday, January 25, 2008

it still hasn't sunk in yet

This morning I finally had my first OB appointment and ultrasound, about time. I am exactly 12 weeks pregnant today according to the ultrasound and everything looked good, as good as what little you could see, we did see the little heart beating away, a little leg, and of course the head and body.
It is amazing how much two weeks makes in size, lance at the first appointment was only 2.2 cm and looked liked a blob, this baby is 5.3cm and looks like, well, two blobs with a growth (its leg). It still hasn't really sunk in yet even as I sit here staring at the pictures hanging up.

So my due date is August 11th, the ultrasound calculated it to be August 9th, but they aren't changing it since it is close enough. Jeff came with me this morning, it was nice for him to take off, he seemed more excited then me about all this.

A belly shot at 12 weeks, not a good picture, but if I didn't do it now I never would.

Right now I am a little scared about having to go through with birth and late pregnancy again as well as a little sad because we aren't planning on anymore so this is my last pregnancy, sad for lance that he won't be the only child anymore, and anxious for spring to come so we can enjoy warm weather and hopefully some cute maternity clothes.

On a total random note:
This is lance crying, more like screaming and hiding:
Why is he hiding out on what use to be a plant stand? What is he so afraid of that makes him run and hide?
the vacuum!
When is he going to get over this? It has gotten worse. He won't walk by the vacuum anymore by himself and he screams when I turn it on, sometimes even when I am holding him, it is driving me crazy! I can't vacuum when he is asleep and it is an ordeal when he is awake and to make matter worse his new favorite pastime is throw food on the floor and step on it!

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