Tuesday, May 19, 2009

no pictures

I am so bummed, we went on a mini-adventure yesterday and I didn't get any pictures! I checked the battery before we left and it appeared to be full capacity so I thought we were good to go . On the way to the mountains Lance asked to see the camera, I gave it to him for a few minutes. He was really good and returned right away, shocker. At one point the view was gorgeous so I wanted to take a picture, I turned the camera on and the change battery message came up. AH! no battery, no pictures! I was bummed, I was not going to be able to take any pictures of our day. I was even more disappointed when we stopped at the overlook for our picnic lunch and the scenery was gorgeous and no camera to capture it. I also wanted to take a picture of our unusual picnic set up. It was rather chilly yesterday despite being the middle of may and it was incredibly windy up on the mountain. I hate cold, I especially hate it when it is windy and cold, so to make the best of a bad situation, we had our picnic in the back of our Subaru. I am sure we looked kind of silly, all 4 of us crammed in the back of the car with the double stroller sitting outside and with the hatchback partially down to block the wind. I should note that Jeff started his lunch sitting on the curb beside the car, but once he discovered the temperature difference in the car he quickly climbed in. After we ate, Jeff and Lance played on the rocks for a few minutes while Lily and I hung out in the car, yeah, I am a wimp, but I really hate to be cold. We then all piled back in the car and headed down the mountains to a valley town that had a store that was going out of business. Jeff got quite a few good deals on bicycle parts for the bicycles he is reconditioning, so the trip was successful. While Jeff was looking at bicycles parts, I was chasing Lance around the store, not fun, but then we saw it. It was a like a beacon out in the parking lot, a fire truck. And the angels rejoiced! I took both kids and we went to go look at the truck outside, thus taking Lance out of the store which he was becoming a nuisance in and giving Jeff more time to look around. Once again, I wish I would have had my camera with me, Lance and the fire truck would have made a great picture. I should add that this is the second time we have encountered a fire truck in a parking lot and I haven't had my camera, maybe third times a charm, right? After circling the fire truck twice we went back inside to grab Jeff and hopefully leave. We then headed towards home. We made a quick stop at the first "green" Harris Teeter in the area where we grabbed a snack and used the bathroom. I wish we had a Harris Teeter in town, I love that they have "with small children" parking, this one had windows so it was bright and sunny in it, it was so nice looking and clean. Maybe it is a good thing that we don't have one, I might spend too much money! After enjoying the grocery store, are we pathetic or what? we made it back home. Our day trip was not anything extraordinary, but it was nice to get out of town and enjoy time together. Hopefully next time it will be warmer.

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