Tuesday, March 17, 2009

supermom for the day

Jeff's grandfather passed away on Saturday and the funeral was today. Since taking small children to a funeral is inappropriate and because of the short amount of time Jeff planned to be gone we stayed at home. I wished we could have seen his family, but for one night and 8 hours in the car, the amount of stuff needed to pack was not worth it and he needed someone to be at the shop until his employee could get there at 3 (we open at 10 am). So in the last 24 hours I have been able to experience life as a single working mom. I got to say, it is HARD!!!
Last night, in the pouring rain I hit the grocery store since we were out of everything and going today wasn't an option- supermom feat #1.
After getting home it was close to 8 pm. Lily needed a bath and I was hoping that Lance would be my "helper," but no such luck so I gave both children a bath- supermom feat #2. Bath was stressful, but we managed, Lily kept wiggling all around, I was scared she was going to topple over in the water and Lance kept splashing water all over the place.
I then got both kids in pjs and asleep. Since Jeff was gone I let Lance sleep in bed with me, which was fine until 12:30 hit and he started coughing. I would fall asleep then Lance would start coughing waking me up and then as soon as I fell back asleep he would cough again. Around 1:30 I finally got the energy to get up, fill the humidifier, lather him up with vapor rub, and prop him up with pillows to help him breathe better. I got to sleep a little before 2 then at 3:30 I was awoken by Lily, got her fed and back to bed. 7:30 came in a blink of an eye- supermom feat #3- little sleep!
Since both kids were still snoozing I saw my opportunity to jump in the shower. As soon as I got out of the shower the morning began on overdrive! I showered, got dressed, fed Lily, had breakfast with Lance, cleaned up the kitchen, got the kids dressed, got packed up for our morning at work, got everything and everyone in the car and went to the shop- supermom feat #4- raced around the house like a chicken with my head cut off but got to work ontime.
I unloaded the car, it seemed like I was staying for the weekend and not a couple of hours based on the stuff I had (food for lunch, pack'n'play for Lily's nap, toys for lance, toys for lily, my computer and bills, blankets, diapers, extra change of clothes, everything pretty much except the kitchen sink. The time from 8 am till 10 am flew by (the time getting ready to go to work), but from 10 till 3 time seemed to go by super slow. Lance got into pretty much everything, Lily fortunately took a nap, we had only a handful of customers, and I managed to run the store without breaking anything or anyone- supermom feat #5- the shop isn't totally in chaos after our morning/afternoon there. We survived, barely I might add. Lance was extremely tired by the time 3 rolled around and we didn't get to leave until 3:30. Both kiddos fell asleep in the car, but I was able to transfer them to their bed from the car without them waking up- supermom feat #6.
So now I need to get dinner going and finish picking up the living room. I am tired, but feel proud of myself for making it on my own, though I don't want to anytime soon. It is hard not getting a lot of sleep, working, taking care of the children, trying to get everything done, and spending 5.5 hours in a very child unfriendly place. I am thankful Jeff is coming home late tonight, I don't think I could repeat this tomorrow. How do single working moms do it?

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