Wednesday, March 18, 2009

it makes sense

I have been a member of a small group Bible study for several years now. I look forward to Monday mornings when I get to see my friends, have some place to talk about kids and life, and basically have a place to put my guard down and be honest. Anyways, we have been slowly going through a Beth Moore study- Breaking Free. It has been good, but today I was totally blown away by something in the lesson. As most New Testament readers know, God laid down His son's life for us. I get it, but not the magnitude of how hard that would really be and what kind of sacrifice that really takes. I guess it didn't quite sink in until now. Here is what I read: "What else could God possibly have done to prove His love for us? I might lay down my life for someone I care for, but I can assure you I don't love anyone enough to lay down my children's lives." AH! That is so true. I might lay down my life for someone, but Lance and Lily, I don't think so. I can't imagine having to lose my children so someone else might live, myself included. I would rather die then have my children hurt.
I read recently in Rob Bell's book, Velvet Elvis that the Bible is alive, it really is, it changes as we change, things make more sense as our life experiences change. God allowing His son to die for me, didn't really mean as much until I had children and realized how hard that must be. So today, I understand a little more about love and hopefully I can love a little more.

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mammajoy said...

What a great revelation! I like the sound of Beth Moores studies - haven't done any myself though. I love my 'study group' too, they are such a supportive bunch of women!


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