Thursday, March 26, 2009

it's is always someone's birthday so we are going celebrate

alternate title: practicing for next month's birthday
subtitle: napping is over-rated, playtime is more fun
subtitle: trying to save 12 dollars by doing it yourself

I have been trying to be good about making dinner every night and not going out to eat but one meal a week (clarification- one meal not one dinner- i love to eat lunch out or go to panera for breakfast so it hasn't been easy). I have been planning my meals and trying to make sure we have lots of diversity. Every week I try and do one soup, at least one meatless meal, one pork, one turkey, and then chicken for the what is left. Also included in the week's menu would be trying one new recipe. This week we have been trying a lot of new recipes and we may have found some new favorites! So Tuesday was a new recipe day, homemade pizza since I love ham and pineapple pizza and I can't find it in the frozen variety anymore I decided to do pizza with dough from scratch. Of course, I forgot the yeast when I was at the store on Monday so we did a quick trip to grab yeast. Yeast is found in the cake mix, frosting, candles, sprinkles aisle and since we were just running in quickly Lance was walking and not in the cart and was immediately drawn to the candle/sprinkle section which just happens to be at his level. He immediately found a package of birthday candles and brought them to me. He motioned that he wanted them and he wanted to blow them out. It was so darn cute I couldn't resist, and they were only 99 cents so I agreed. Of course with birthday candles you need cake so we picked out a cake mix, icing, and sprinkles so we would have something to put our candles in to blow them out. Yes, I am a softee. We got home, made our pizza dough, then made our cupcakes. Lance thoroughly enjoyed blowing out his candle, which he did at least 5 times. It cracks me up the simple things that he gets a kick out of. So here is Lance celebrating someone's birthday:
Gearing up to blow out the candle.

Lance was so excited that he even looked at me so I could take a picture, a rare thing these days.
Lily of course thought Lance was quite silly.

Part II: naptime is overrated
Lily wasn't really into naps yesterday which I was a bit annoyed because she wouldn't let me set her down so I could do some cleaning, from our home-made pizza and sprinkles experiment the night before, when lance cooks it gets messy. I should not complaining too much about her not napping yesterday because she slept all night long last night, wahoo! She was acting fussy at one point so I tried putting her down, she wasn't interested at the time so Lance went upstairs to see what she was doing. He immediately climbed in and motioned for me to get my camera.

he wanted me to get my camera and take pictures, yet he would hide his face so I couldn't take a picture of him, fortunately lily made some great facial expressions

lily peeking over the side of the crib, she is sitting, but it reminds me, we need to lower down her crib very soon before she can launch herself over the railing. she isn't centered in the picture because lance is right beside her and i was hoping to get both of them, but he unfortunately stayed hidden.

lance looks very mischievous and lily is starting to make her snorty face, they are quite a pair

lily still smiling though getting body slammed down, she puts up with so much and loves lance though he can be rough

Part III: trying to save 12 dollars by doing it yourself

Lance's hair grows faster than Kudzu and we are trying to save the 12 dollars (actually it may be more) by cutting his hair ourselves. I gave Jeff new clippers for Christmas in hopes that he could do his hair as well as Lance's. Last night was attempt #2 at doing it ourselves, it was scary and almost disastrous. Before attempt #3, I think I need to find the instruction book that comes with them so I can read up on how to trim hair since. Attempt #1 worked but it wasn't very even, some parts were long and others too short. Jeff didn't get around his ears very well and it was kind of a hack job. This time he found ear guards so we could hopefully get his sides looking nice. Well not thinking Jeff went backwards with the ear guards and kind of took off a little too much hair on one side, scary. After going way short he started to get the hang of things and it doesn't look to bad, if you can look past the almost bald spot on his right side. Overall it was an adventure and very entertaining. Fortunately it is hair and can grow back.
When we were just getting started. Lance was not to sure about those clippers.

His right side which got a little too short. At this point, the bottoms was SHORT and the top was still long, it looked like a bad 80's bowl cut, I was a bit horrified.

In the end, it wasn't TOO bad, it grows fast, in 5 weeks he will need another hair cut.

Lance's hairy back, fortunately for him, it washed away.

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