Friday, March 27, 2009

my thinking chair

isn't really a chair at all, my best thoughts take place in the shower.
strange, but i think really well in the shower, probably because it is one of the few places that I usually can be all by myself, well most of the time.
This morning's thoughts- my mom's wish for me.
When I was pregnant with Lance my mom was disappointed that I was having a boy (though I was overjoyed about a boy). She had hoped that I would have a girl. She also wanted a me for me, a daughter like me for me, does that make sense? Anyways, my mom and I were talking about an upcoming wedding this fall, on her birthday in fact, her 60th birthday which got me thinking about her wish of a daughter for me. I then realized that though Lily is my second child and I'm the firstborn, Lily is my me, she might just be my mom's wish for me. With my mom turning 60 this year, I realized that she had me when I was 29. I keep thinking I was 30 when Lily was born, but she actually arrived days before my 30th birthday, so I too was 29 when I had my girl, just like my mom. So my mom's wish for me to have a me, might just be with Lily, my sweet pea!

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