Monday, March 02, 2009

it snowed

it actually snowed! i can't believe it. i am not sure how much we got, 6 inches or more. it has been years since it has snowed like this. it is beautiful and we are having a fun day. after breakfast we got bundled up and headed to a great sledding hill a few minutes away and did some sledding. we then came in and had the standard snow lunch of grilled cheese sandwhiches. lance and jeff went back out to play in the snow while I got Lily down for a nap and then Jeff went to snowboard while Lance slept. after everyone woke up we made chocolate chip cookies, yum! and then i got to make dinner kid-free since jeff was home. we feasted on shredded bbq chicken sandwhiches, homemade mac and cheese, and french fries, not necessarily the most nutritious, but it was sure yummy. all in all it was a fun day and we enjoyed having daddy home for the day, he doesn't get a whole day off very often.
the view out our front door, the road is covered, the first time, in a long time.

lance checking out the snow first thing this morning.

poor lily, so bundled up she could barely move.

lance and i about to head down the hill

lance, lily and their friend ella, chillin' in the snow

the four of us out in the white stuff

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