Tuesday, March 03, 2009

the quest for the perfect rug

Ever since we have moved into our house we have been on the quest for the perfect floor covering for our living room. This quest has taken almost five years and I hopefully have found the perfect floor covering solution, thanks to my large end of season swimming paycheck! FLOR! I discovered FLOR almost eight years ago when I was a nanny because the family received the FLOR catalog. One day while bored I flipped through and thought it was cool, but didn't give it much thought until I had my own house and kids. We bought our home and and had kids and discovered how one cup of coffee, one bit of chocolate anything, and dirt can leave a stain that always seems to be blaring at you, basically ruining a whole carpet. I wanted something that would be like carpet without wall-to-wall carpeting, small enough to be washable, thick and soft enough to sit and play on, durable, something that won't show dirt and stains, and something that would match my funky green living room walls and FLOR seems to meet my requirements.
RUG #1
Rug number 1 was striped, from Crate and Barrel, was used to pick out a paint color for our living room (herb cornucopia, a funky shade of green that changes color with the time of day), and had a bit too much white in it. At the time Jeff was welding as a part-time job and he tracked black stuff onto my rug and after two odd years the rug was unsightly. It also wouldn't lay flat, wasn't thick and carpet like, and use to be nice looking, but not very practical, especially with babes so it was replaced.

Rug #2
While recovering from Lance's delivery I found another rug from Crate and Barrel that was one sale (dirt cheap, 60 bucks and it was a 5x7), was a smaller size than rug before (other one was too big though this one was smaller than I would have liked), it was thicker than rug 1, it appeared to be softer, and was the right color scheme for our living room. Rug number 2 has made it almost 3 years but it needs to be replaced (longer than rug 1), it is looking rough, it is stained, it is coming unwoven, it just isn't soft enough for play and it doesn't vacuum well, the unwoven parts get sucked up and it never seems to be clean.

Jeff would love carpet, but I want something funky so we have a compromise, modular carpet, a.k.a. FLOR. Besides, my new vacuum needs something new to vacuum right? Well if I was going to be spending money on a new floor covering and I have such a funky wall color I need to make sure that the floor and walls would coordinate because it is very easy to find something that clashes so I ordered some FLOR samples and they arrived today!

Oh, I am so excited! I love the brown, and the green, and the blue, they are all so yummy. I can't wait for Jeff to get home and help me decide what color scheme we are going to do. I wish I could have ordered more sample colors, there was a cool fuchsia pink, a funky orange, a cool turquoise, but then I don't do well with too many options and I may have never decided on a rug so I limited my samples and the samples cost money. I can't wait! I am not as excited as I was over the vacuum, but excited that I may finally have something that will work and can be used for years even if we move and is changeable because I love to rearrange.
Because I love lists:
-it is carpet
-you can customize your colors
-they are squares so you can constantly rearrange
-when they get dirty you can pick up the dirty squares and clean or replace without having to replace the whole thing
-you can add to or take away from the rug
-because it is just so darn cool!

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