Sunday, March 01, 2009

the new addition to our family

weekend update:
lance and lily playing while mommy is working hard- I love/hate my kitchen so this weekend I tried to get back to loving it by rearranging it. I hadn't really organizing and rearranged since we moved in and of course since that happened almost 5 years ago I have acquired lots more kitchen gadgets and I was at the point where there was no more room and I could never find anything. So yesterday I emptied out the kitchen and today I reorganized and I have found a home for everything and tons more room. I can get more! yeah right!

I did it! I didn't spend my last paycheck on bills or anything practical, I broke it down and got the DYSON!!!!

It is wonderful!
Why I Love it?
1- it is works, it really, really works
2- it is lightweight
3- it is quiet
4- it is small so we can tuck in in a corner
5- it has washable filters and bagless, so I don't have to buy anything additional
6- it is quiet and lance isn't afraid of it
7- it only weighs 11 lbs
8- it is cool looking
9- did i mention it actually works? it sucks!!!!!
10- also my husband likes it, maybe he will vacuum too

so since it is a rainy/sleety/snowy afternoon we did what anyone bored would do, take pictures while playing with our new toy! note how microscopic our kitchen is, i have to say it does have plenty of counter space, but it is small. In our next house, I want a big kitchen.
see even lance likes it and he would never touch any other vacuum, heck, he doesn't walk into a room alone with other vacuums.

starting him young! he is going to be a fine husband one day.

to give you a size perspective- it is the same size as Lily! So life is good and we are having a little too much fun cleaning!

So we have been vacuuming like crazy, i had been putting off vacuuming for a week or two so now I am going all out, my floors will be crumb free!


Randi said...

The Clean/Neat freak in me over here is totally green with envy;)

Good for you:)Vacuum away!!

mammajoy said...

What a fantastic looking vacuum! I'm a little jealous :-)


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