Tuesday, March 24, 2009

all quiet on the homefront

Spring is here and though it isn't always as warm as I would like it we have been enjoying the warm temperatures when we have them. Note: warm according to me is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Lance still has a snotty nose, thanks to spring allergens. It is slowly going away, but he is that stage where he will wipe his nose on his sleeve, gross, gross, gross. Lily has recovered from her cold and is getting much better with eating cereal and has really enjoyed chomping on a biter biscuit during our dinner. They both are growing so fast. Life has been relatively quiet in our household and I am enjoying it. Here's a snapshot of life:
My pale white baby enjoying some outside time.

What is that on Lance's face you may ask?

Lip gloss. He got into my purse and decided he needed to apply the lip gloss, unfortunately he didn't understand that it is suppose to go on the lips.

Lily trying out the sandbox for the first time. The sand is super dry so she can't eat it.

The sandbox.

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mammajoy said...

Don't kids just love makeup! Jess went to mum's group this morning with what she calls 'cheekstick' (aka lipstick) all over her face. So precious :-) Your little lily bean is adorable!


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