Sunday, February 08, 2009

week wrap-up and a few firsts

we have had a few warm days and some lily firsts. here are some highlights of the past week:
we went to the park on sunday and were able to watch a train go across the trestle, the highlight of lance's weekend!

lance was so excited that we made it to the overlook when a train was crossing the river.
The train is really, really, really high up and the trestle is amazing, you can kind of get a feel for it here.
lance and daddy watching the train cross over the river

lily enjoying the warm day and the stroller ride. she was holding lance's ball while he watched the train

one evening i made chocolate pudding to satisfy my chocolate addiction, lance and jeff enjoyed as well:
enjoying pudding with daddy

happy baby, showing off her many layers, she has a onesie, a shirt, the dress that goes with the shirt and then a pair of pants because it was cold and we couldn't find her tights

lance enjoying pudding in his ghetto pjs- to save money, i use the summer/fall pj bottoms and then put with a long sleeve top since it is too cold for short sleeves.

lily's silly face, i think she wanted some pudding too

one morning i happened to catch lily in the act of blanket snatching!

lily loving on lance's blanket, lance would have a fit if he knew what she was doing. i am amazed at how she goes after lance's favorite things, she seems too little to know what buttons to push with lance.

lily is smiling because she is up to no good and she knows it!

my morning sunshines!

one afternoon lance wanted to crawl into the crib with lily, i took a ton of photos, the two of them are too funny

the interactions between the two of them are fascinating. lily was reaching out for lance and lance was a little unsure whether he wanted to be touched

but then he showed her lots of love with a kiss

lily was getting a bit big for the infant tub so we blew up the duck bathtub for her to try!
lily trying out the ducky bathtub for the first time

she loved it! she wasn't a fan of the infant tub so I am glad to find something that works and makes bath time easier

we had another warm day yesterday so we had another lily first: first time on the swing!

she also loved the swing. two new things that she loved in one week, wow!

lance really didn't like sharing his swing, but he did a good job pushing lily and waiting his turn.

he is getting so old so fast! he also looks huge in the swing after lily was in it.

cheeky baby she is.

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