Friday, February 06, 2009

the future

Today we went by the preschool Lance will be attending in the fall to sign the contract, take a tour, and hand over our application fee and first month's tuition. I am still blown away by how far in advance preparations for next year are made! I am so excited for Lance, I hope that he will really enjoy preschool next year, make friends, increase his speech, and gain some more independence. I am also excited about him attending preschool because I found out that he can receive speech therapy before or after school so I might not have to go somewhere else for speech, huge YEAH right there! Not having to go somewhere else for speech will really cut down on our schedule and hopefully free up time to do other things because right now we seem too busy to enjoy ourselves. I am also excited about the time I will be able to spend with just Lily. I just hope that the business will pick up so I won't have to work next year and I can have more time to balance everything. Some days I feel like I run around with a chicken with my head cut off trying to manage everything. I feel like Lily is growing up too fast and I have been too busy to notice her. I feel bad because I have been carting her all over the place, to swim practice, to different states for swim meets, on appointments for Lance, and everywhere else in between. I just feel bad that I don't get to spend more energy, attention, etc on her like I was able to with Lance and I know it is just what happens to a second child and I am blessed that I don't have to work full time, but I feel like she get neglected some times and she is such a good baby so it can be so easy neglect her. Okay that sounds horrible, I don't neglect her in a hurtful way it is just that she ends up going lots of places instead of sitting down and playing most wakeful moments. If I am going to be honest, what I need is better time management skills so I can use my time more wisely and spend quality time with each kid. Maybe that should have been my new year's resolution. Maybe that will be my spring resolution (after swim ends). We will see. Balance, it is so hard to do.

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