Tuesday, February 10, 2009


this describes a situation we are in right now though bitter might be to strong a word, i am not bitter more like disappointed, but there is also a sweet side too. i am not suppose to say and know anything, but i don't think anyone who isn't suppose to know will read and find out so i am safe, i hope. okay, too much rambling. first off, there is a Christian organization (church and other entities) that owns the property where my church and three other organizations meet and use for church, classes, etc. We have been blessed with not having to pay any rent for the space, which is good because there isn't modern heating and cooling, it is a horrible location, and several other reasons that I can't think of right now. This Christian organization owns a lot of property and a business is interested in the spot that we currently occupy (and probably additional space too). This business offered a good price for the spot (fair market value), the groups (my church included) offered a price to stay, well the money was better from the business and we are getting the boot. Why I am disappointed, for this Christian organization, money is more important than supporting other Christians. It frustrates me because our church supports their students, we also are trying to make the surrounding neighborhoods better by loving them, helping out where we can, doing service projects for neighbors, etc. We want to make the area a better place and not just occupy space in the area. We also can bring traffic to nearby business which need traffic because there are always people coming and going every day of the week because one of the four groups is meeting in the space every day. So I am disappointed that money is more important then loving people, but there is a very sweet side to the story and I may be glad that this Christian organization cares more about money in the long run. Because of getting the boot, a new home needs to be found and a location has been found, but there are spaces that need to be filled to pay the rent for this spot. One space is perfect for Jeff's shop. With money being non-existent, we can't really afford to stay in the high rent space that we are in and want to move to somewhere cheaper, but most cheaper places are not in great locations and not looked promising. This space is the same size as what we have now plus it has some warehouse space where Jeff could put ramps and have events, his own mini-skatepark! I haven't seen the space yet, I will this morning, but it already sounds perfect. Because the space isn't finished he will be able to kind of custom fit it with the builder so it will be just the way he wants it without a lot of work on his part. Did I mention he would get more space for half the price? Also, it would be in the same building as a coffee shop, a dance studio, and our church. It is also centrally located, easy to get to off of the expressway, and easier to find. Though I haven't seen it, it sounds like it has everything both of us wants! I am excited to see the space and hope it works out, so it is sweet and in a way I am glad that the Christian organization loved money more, it may help us out a lot, we will see. So there you have it, my bitter-sweet tale, that in the long run will hopefully be all sweet, but I am still disappointed when money is more important than making a difference.

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