Monday, February 02, 2009


I don't usually dread mondays but this morning I woke up and tried to figure out what day it was and realized it was monday. ICK! What happened to the weekend? Oh yeah, swim meet Saturday and then after church, nap, the park, and a superbowl party Sunday was done. I get really thrown off when I am gone all day on Saturday. This morning we went to small group and when we got back I was ready to crash so though my list of to do's is a mile long we all crashed upstairs. The nap felt so good (I am not a regular napper), but so far nothing has been accomplished. Actually I think more has been undone then has been done. Lily is ready for her third outfit of the day, the laundry I started this morning didn't have any detergent in it, and bills probably just arrived in the mail. I hope I will be more productive tomorrow because I am sure slacking today.

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