Friday, January 30, 2009

word of the week:

I have changed way too many dirty diapers this week and I don't think I should have to change any for a week.
I don't know what was going on with Lance and his digestive system this week or why Lily decided to get in on the action too, but we have gone through way too many diapers and wipes in this house. Monday afternoon Lance wasn't interested in eating, Monday night still no interest. Tuesday morning, not interested in food really, by noon he was running a fever and acting not right. He ate a little dinner and then 5:45 Wednesday morning was diaper explosion. Ahhh, the smell, the volume, it was bad. He seemed better though Wednesday, no fever and he was acting normal, but every time he ate something we had a diaper to deal with. It was strange, he seemed to want to eat, but his digestive system didn't seem to be able to deal with anything. Yesterday he too seemed fine, but every time he ate, he pooped.
Then there is Lily, not that she was ill, but every time she pooped she it went out the back of her diaper and all over her clothes and once on me. The last few days have been rough.
Fortunately I haven't had to deal with any poop diapers from either child today! Hooray! I just hope Jeff and I stay healthy, though I think we would be sick by now, but we shall see.

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