Tuesday, February 03, 2009

how small life has gotten

Life, well my life seems so small right now.
A friend from college she now lives in Hawaii and goes surfing regularly, has no family to manage, no stress other than work (which is a business she owns) and a big issue for her is what to do on her days off, she is having fun and taking advantage of her youth.
Then there is my roommate from college, she has a great job where she gets to travel all over the U.S., travel first class I might add, go exploring and not just do work on her "work trips," and is once again having great adventures and meeting new people everywhere she goes.
Yesterday I ran across a blog from my other college roommate, she is living in Colorado currently, meeting new people, finding herself, going on adventures and living an adventurous life, she is on the quest to figure out where she wants to live.
Then there is me.
Me, I am celebrating Lance's acceptance to preschool.
Yes, my life is that small, the highlight of my day is lance's acceptance into the preschool I wanted him to go to (because i went there) and my other highlight: both kids taking naps at the same time.
I am a bit envious of the traveling, adventures, and activities that my friends are taking part in while I sit here at my computer putting off balancing the checkbook, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, picking up toys that are strewn about the house and other mundane chores of being a mom.
Some days I wish I had a bigger life, an exciting life full of adventures to new places instead of dodging spit up and flailing appendages when lance throws a tantrum.
For everything there is a season, I sure hope I will have a season of adventures too and that when my chance comes I won't play it safe like I seem to do and not let fear hold me back.
Life just seems so small today, I just hope tomorrow won't be.

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Amy said...

Hee hee. Ain't it the truth. But... we wouldn't change our lives for anything would we? Even if Denny from Gray's Anatomy rang my doorbell ... though that would require a longer second of consideration ... =)


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