Wednesday, February 04, 2009


We don't have any chicken.
Chicken is our main protein source for dinner.
I decided to go to the grocery to get chicken and a few other things.
Got a little overwhelmed trying to figure out what to make for a friend for dinner who just had a baby and changed things up while at the grocery store.
Ended up running a little behind schedule talking to a friend.
Bought groceries, got home, and guess what?
That was #1 on my list.
The reason I was going to the store.
What I needed to make dinner tonight.
How did I forget the chicken?
I really do think I lost a whole lot of brain cells when I had kids.
But I must think sometimes because I do have shells and cheese prepared in the freezer that we can eat tonight so I won't have to go the store twice in one day.

1 comment:

35 and holding said...

It's called adult ADHD. I am CONVINCED that I have it. Just take a look at my house!! LOL.


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