Friday, January 16, 2009

why does something that should only take 1 minute

take and hour and 15 minutes instead?
I have been working for an hour and 15 minutes to get online so I can check on my bank account, but after all kinds of problems I was worried this computer might have a virus or something bad so I am a bit afraid to log on. An hour and 15 minutes, too long to do anything that should only take 5 minutes.
I should be folding laundry or resting, but instead I am trying to check up on what's is going on in the cyberworld, my priorities are way off.
Today is the last day of craziness, thank goodness. I have almost survived this week, yeah!
Today has been very busy.
Got up.
Fed Lily.
Took shower, got dressed, dried hair.
Got clothes for Lily.
Got kids bundled up for temperatures in the teens.
Got kids in the car and headed over to the college to pick up a swimmer.
Went to grocery store and got food for swimmer and brunch items for the whole team.
Dropped off swimmer.
Dropped off Lance at my mom's and fed Lily.
Went to college and put away food.
Did some dry land exercises with swimmers.
Made, ate, and cleaned up brunch (eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, pancakes, and oj).
Got Lily and myself bundled up.
Picked up Lance and brought kids home and in to bed for nap.
Was almost asleep when phone rang.
Answered phone and tried to go to sleep.
Couldn't sleep, tried internet, didn't work.
Tried internet dozen times. Restarted computer twice. Tried ghetto computer downstairs. Tried laptop again and again. Finally logged on. Now I need to get work done because in half an hour must:
Go back to college feed swimmers.
Monitor warm up for meet.
Have swim meet.
Go to bed.
Try to focus that all of this time spent at swimming will result in large paycheck.
Can't wait for February 14th, swim will be over with!

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