Thursday, January 22, 2009

nervous excitement

We are going out-of-town this weekend.
Wait, "we" sounds like all 4 of us, but that would be a misrepresentation, "we" in this case is the kids and I are going out-of-town and I am a bit nervous. Lily isn't the biggest fan of the car so it may be a bit stressful. Also I will be leaving Lance at a friend's house while I am at a swim meet, this will be the first time I leave him with someone other than family, I know, recipe for disaster. Fortunately this week at small group he seemed to do fine downstairs with the baby sitter so hopefully he won't give me too much trouble. Well there isn't too much I can do since I will be 45 minutes away, but he should have fun with my friend's boys and he will have as many trains, blankets, dvds, and juice cups my car can fit so hopefully something will get him through. So tomorrow morning we are packing up and heading up to D.C. to visit a friend and her daughter. Then Saturday morning we ride up to Maryland, drop Lance off, head out to the swim meet, do the swim meet thing then head back to Erica's for a hopefully relaxing evening. Sunday is the free day I don't know what we have planned and then we will head back home either Sunday evening or Monday morning, depending how the kids sleep at night, how Lily handles the car, and how well the boys get along. I am looking forward to getting out-of-town and seeing friends, it should be fun, though packing is a bit nerve racking, trying to remember everything I might need for two little people as well as myself. I hope the weather is not to cold so Lance can get some outside time in, he has way too much energy that he needs to get out. Well I should get started on packing.

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Meredith B said...

Have a wonderful trip, Sarah! I will pray for you! I hope Lance and Lily do great in the car. Enjoy your time away with friends (and the swim meet!)! I hope I can see you soon.


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