Thursday, January 15, 2009

mad at myself

If Lance doesn't nap this afternoon, it is all my FAULT. I am so mad at myself. He was asleep on my bed, but in an awkward position so I moved him which of course woke him up and now he seems to be going strong. Why oh why did I try and move him? If he falls asleep on his trains they obviously aren't hurting him enough to keep him from falling asleep.
And onto a totally random topic. Why is it that when I send a check to a company to pay a bill, the check arrives in two to three days, but when a check is coming to me from a company, it takes a week or more? Our insurance company canceled our coverage, but still took our money for a couple of months so we are awaiting a check for seven hundred dollars from them and we still haven't received it, which they supposedly mailed out a week ago. How does a check from a city two hours away take over a week to reach us? We really need that money. I am tired of not having any money. I wish this "economic crisis" would resolve so people would start spending money again so we could have some income. Right now business is slow because people aren't spending a lot of money, Jeff considers getting a job but no one is hiring, if anything, people are getting laid off right now, also because people are spending, there is less tax money which means the government has less money which means there are cuts in jobs that I might be able to get (such as teaching), and so we are stuck right now and sure hope things get better soon because there aren't a lot of options out there.

mail came again, twice in one day, strange, but the check arrived! hooray!!! also lance asleep after several attempts! hooray! this afternoon isn't so bad, just hope lance wakes up from nap early enough so I can get check to bank.

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