Tuesday, January 06, 2009

she can see!

Lily can see and won't be going blind in one eye! she is normal, at least for now, hopefully she won't inherit my lack of vision.

Huge Praise!

last month I took lily to the doctor for her 4 month check-up and I asked the doctor about her right eye because we noticed sometimes it looks turned in and not even with the other eye. In a picture we had taken for Christmas the eye was extremely noticeably turned in and the light reflected from the flash didn't seem to be lined up in both eyes. The doctor examined her and thought everything was okay, but then when he saw the photograph he was concerned that it may be intermittent esotrophia and wanted us to go see a specialist. He said it might be an optical allusion since babies have extra skin between their eyes and their noses are really wide, but if was and we didn't try and resolve the problem her brain might turn off her right eye and she would be blind in one eye. This was scary news to me especially since I have horrible eyesight and had my first pair of glasses at age 4, I was terrified that my child would be worse off than me and I am pretty bad! I hope and pray that my children will have jeff's eyesight and not mine. So in the last few weeks I was thinking of all sorts of worst case scenarios because my imagination is a bit much sometimes. I was worried that she would be blind in one eye, have my horrible eyesight, have astigmatism like me then lack depth perception and not be able to function normally, extreme and irrational, I know, but worrying is my thorn in my flesh I battle with. So in hopes of catching any problems early we scheduled an appointment with a pediatric eye doctor (didn't know they had such things!) and today was our appointment. Lily did great despite spending over an hour in various waiting rooms and having to get her eyes dilated. The doctor moved around a toy light and watched her eyes and said everything looked fine and then dilated her eyes and checked to make sure everything was normal which is turned out to be so I am happy to report Lily can see just fine, her eyes are aligned perfectly and I am out $170, money not so sure well spent. The doctor thinks that the turning in of the right eye is more of an optical illusion that occurs when Lily's head is turned due to extra skin around the eyes/nose. I am glad to hear that Lily is going to be fine, so I worried for nothing, one more example of why worrying just doesn't do any good.

notice in the picture her eyes don't look quite right, but according to the doctor everything is good and it is just because she has a wide nose right now

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Life In Progress said...

Oh, I can't imagine how worried you must have been. But PRAISE GOD for this wonderful news! I'm so happy for you (& Lily too of course!).


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