Thursday, January 08, 2009

dreading this weekend

I usually look forward to the weekend, but not this weekend though.
This weekend I have to start back with swimming and we are starting it off with a bang. I have a three hour practice on Saturday then we are heading to dinner and the grocery store with the swimmers. Then there is a 3 hour practice on Sunday as well as dinner afterwards. Monday through Thursday of next week I have practice from 10am-12pm then 5:45 to 8:30pm, it is going to be rough. Then on Friday there is morning practice and then a swim meet that night. Since the swimmers are coming back a week early we have to provide dinner for the women because the dining hall isn't open yet, so I will be cooking or fetching dinner for the next week, as well as dealing with paperwork and trying to balance life at home, ahhh, it is going to be rough. I pray that everyone in my family stays healthy because I could not deal with any additional stress. I keep telling myself the money will be worth all the time, I only have 5 weeks left (which is good and bad), and the crazy schedule is only for a week, and then it is back to just evening practices, though we have 3 away swim meets which are going to be rough, but we are on the home stretch. I just pray I can survive the next 11 days.

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