Friday, January 09, 2009

total randomness

alternate title: the weird things lily does with her hands and feet

The other morning I came into our wee little kitchen and saw that Lily was "helping" daddy butter a bagel.

And that is when I noticed her foot.

It was resting on his back pocket, she had her foot there as though she it was a place to stand up on.

I then wondered what the front foot was doing. It too had found a small ridge to rest itself.

Look at those long toes! As you can see she is very into bagel buttering.

Then one day this week I went to check on Lily while she was napping and I noticed this:

The view from above:

She had squirmed her way up to the top of the mattress and poked her fingers out between the mattress and the bumper pad. She seemed to be holding onto something, not quite sure what though.

Totally random pictures of the quirky things Lily has been doing lately.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Great shots. She's taking that bagel buttering job very seriously.


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