Sunday, December 07, 2008

where did Saturday go?

Yesterday was crazy and flew by in a flash.
Let's see. Got up way to early, six am, hate it when the kids are up before the sun.
We made a big breakfast since I had a swim meet and didn't know if I would be able to eat lunch.
Then we headed to the library for a dinosaur puppet show, it was cheesy, but lance loved it. I then immediately headed over to the pool for the swim meet. After the swim meet I grabbed a quick bite to eat and then we bundled up to watch the Christmas parade. We contemplated not going since it was snowing, but we knew how much Lance would enjoy watching the fire trucks and floats so we went despite the snow. Part of me wished we hadn't gone since it was FREEZING cold and I still feel chilled today and then there was Lily. Lily was not the happiest of campers and would not sit in the stroller so we had to walk around with her, not fun, my shoulder still aches from holding her. We did get lots and lots of candy, it was like Halloween, but we didn't have to walk anywhere, we just sat and people brought candy to us, it was nice. Frito Lay was also there handing out lots and lots of chips. We didn't stay for the end of the parade because we were too cold and hungry. We were planning on going shopping afterwards, but the roads were starting to get icy and not to mention it was so COLD out so we grabbed a bite to eat, then played some Lego Star Wars and then it was time for bed. The day really flew by and I didn't have a chance to sit down and relax at all, hopefully today we will get some downtime before a busy week.

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