Friday, December 05, 2008

bold and cold

I hate the cold, I could never live up North, I love the summer and warm weather. I am not a fan of winter except that it does have Christmas which I love and you get snow in the winter. The only time I like cold weather is when it is snowing which in the last couple of years has been a rare event or if it does snow it is a pitiful amount, no feet worth of snow that I remember as a child. Anyways, we have been having some discipline problems with Lance lately, he has been a terror and extremely defiant. The other day at swim practice when I was fed up with his behavior I had a light bulb moment. He might be having discipline problems becuase he has too much energy due to not enough playtime especially outside. With this in mind I have tried to give him some outside time everyday. Wednesday he was too cold and didn't want to stay outside. Yesterday it was very mild so we played around outside a little bit, not enough as we should, but I tried. Today we didn't have anything going on so I bundled the kids up and we went and took a walk. It was COLD, but nice to be out and about. We walked down to Magnolia and got a snack. Then we walked a few doors down and watched the miniature train in the window at a lawyer's office. Then we headed towards home, but stopped at a couple of walls so Lance could walk on the top of them, he enjoys balancing on the top of the small brick walls by some condos on our way. Lance rode in the stroller on the way down to Magnolia, but he walked a good part of the way home. I don't know if I got enough energy out of him, but it is 1 pm and he is already down for a nap and it wasn't a struggle to get him to sleep, thank goodness. Today is early swim practice and I hate waking him up to go especially when he doesn't go down until 2, this will put him in a much better mood for the rest of the afternoon. His nap schedule has been totally off, wait he has had no nap schedule lately and maybe if I will toughen up, spend more time outside and getting his energy out he will go down for nap sooner, rest better, be less defiant and he will all be happier people. If it was only that easy. So today I was bold and ventured out in the 30-something degree morning to get some energy out of my kiddo. They say boys need outside time and I do believe. As a note: the television hasn't been on so far this morning! yeah, we are breaking the cycle!

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