Thursday, December 04, 2008

tv free, well trying to be

In the last few months, well since pregnant with Lily and with her arrival I have been a slacker and watched more tv then I would probably like to admit. I can totally justify it because I watch less then the average American does according to statistics that I have heard, but it doesn't matter, I felt it was too much and too much for Lance (he didn't watch anything until he was almost 2). What defines too much? For me, too much is when you are watching it for the sake of watching it, not because there is something that you want to watch or planned on watching, but just to be watching for the sake of watching. Anyways, Lance and I were watching 17 Kids and Counting on TLC over a week ago and it really convicted me. Though those Duggers don't make a lot of sense, they don't let their kids watch tv, yet they are on a tv show, but it reminded me that I don't want my kids to be tv addicts and that I was sliding on my little tv standards. I don't want my kids to watch much tv and I don't want myself to watch much because it can easily be such a time waster and I don't have a lot of time to waste (the other time waster in my life- the Internet, that is the next thing to cut back on). I have digressed. I have been a slacker and have had the tv on a little too much lately, but this week we have been doing pretty good and I found out the secret to helping me limit the time the tv is on. If I don't turn on the tv in the morning, it really doesn't get turned on until Jeff gets home from work. Yesterday I did let Lance watch a half hour of Noggin, but that was it. The secret is getting through the morning tv free. I also been trying to turn on the tv only when there is a specific show I want to watch and I don't turn it on to "see" what is on. I have my favorite shows I like to watch, but even they are letting me down and might get dumped from my must watch list. For example: the first season I really enjoyed Private Practice, it didn't seem to be to be like Grey's Anatomy where everyone was sleeping with everyone else and it was all about sex, well this season it seems to be all about sex though they do have some sad story mixed in every week, but it doesn't seem as good. It has gotten rather controversial in my opinion this season first is was incest then the pedophile and last night abortions, it is getting depressing and sad, I want a show that doesn't depress me, is that possible. Another reason I want to cut back on the tv in this house is because I am more aware about how much Lance picks up on despite his lack of verbal communication. I don't want him desensitised to violence and language and honestly I want to protect him as long as I can. So we are day 4 of trying to cut back and though I know we will have slacker days we are making progress so far and I hope to continue the trend, though I have been missing "Jack's Big Music Show" every morning, I guess I could record it, another case of the mommy brain.

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