Wednesday, December 03, 2008

brain cells and hair loss

Those oh so famous "theys" out there may be right about one thing: women lose brain cells after having children. I don't feel as smart as I use to be and yesterday was a perfect case in point.
Yesterday I got up, took a shower while the kids were still a sleep (they slept in, too bad I was wide awake and not catching up on missed sleep), put in my contacts and got ready for the day. The kids and I went to the bank, then to the library for storytime. I remember specifically noticing at the library that I just couldn't see very well. I thought maybe my eyes were goopy due to allergies or the cold weather and didn't think much of it. After storytime we headed to Dollar General to get some things we needed for the "stockings with care" for church, grabbed a bite to eat, and headed to the college for the afternoon swim practice. At swim I once again stopped and noticed that I really could not see that well. I was starting to think that maybe my eyesight was getting worse which was upsetting because I can't afford new contacts and a trip to the eye doctor right now. After practice we headed home and I tried getting the kids down for nap. Lily fell asleep first and I picked up a book to try and rest while lance was winding down for nap. While I was reading I noticed the words were blurry and hard to read. All morning I kept rubbing my forehead, blinking a lot and trying to figure out why I couldn't see, seven hours of blurry vision had transpired that day. I was starting to get a bit concerned that something was wrong and that is when the light bulb in my brain went off. My right eye has a different prescription then my left and at that moment I considered the possibility that maybe I had my contacts in the wrong eyes. I took out the left contact and looked for the little dot that is on the right to see if my blurry vision was due to a case of the mommy brain. Sure enough, there was a small dot on the contact that was in my left eye, my contacts were in the wrong eyes. I went into the bathroom switched out my contacts and it was like magic, I could see. Right after I switched contacts I realized how bad my vision had been all morning and then I started to wonder how long had my contacts been switched, I think there have been a few times over the last few days when I felt like I couldn't see that well. I don't know how long my contacts had been switched, but I can't believe how long, at least seven hours, I went not being able to see well and not realizing that things could be better. If I hadn't lost all those brain cells having kids I might be able to draw a great metaphorical parallel to life, but now I feel like such a dope going around all day not being able to see and not realizing that there is something I could have done to fix the problem.
Now onto hair loss. I must whine for a second. I hate post-partum hair loss. It is so GROSS!!!! I feel like I am not going to have any hair left. My shower is clogged up, my sink probably will be soon, all surfaces, clothing, etc, seem to be covered in hair, I don't understand how I can lose so much when I don't think I have all that much to start with. I know that it will slow down and it probably just seems so extreme now because I don't lose much when pregnant, but alright already, stop. I hate it. To make matters worse, with my schedule and two kids I don't have the time to do the cleaning I prefer to do and the hair loss just makes the not being able to clean part seem worse, I wish I could hire a cleaning lady, heck I wish I had disposable income.

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35 and holding said...

uggg. I remember that all too well. I lost so much hair i swore i was going bald. then you get the new hair growth around the hairline and it looks silly. Oh wait, that is when you get preg. See, i have lost brain cells too! don't feel bad!


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