Tuesday, December 02, 2008

sleep deprived mommy

Monday morning Lily woke up and when I picked her up out of her bassinet I noticed she was wet, actually soaked. Jeff changed her for me and he noticed that one side of her diaper wasn't fasten correctly and she had peed all over herself. I felt so bad for the poor thing, sleeping in a puddle of her own pee because I couldn't put a diaper on right! In my defense: Lily has been waking up at 5 am to eat, but that night she got up at 2, my body was not ready to be up so soon and I was still halfway asleep. I remember changing her diaper and trying to do it quickly because she was starting to cry and I thought I attached both sides of the diaper, but in my rush I must have only secured one side down. So all day yesterday I felt bad that I couldn't put the poor thing in a diaper on correctly, but this morning I am redeemed! I should note that Lily is transitioning from size 1-2 diapers to size 2 and in our bedroom we have the size 1-2 which fit, but just barely around her. Back to my story, this morning I changed Lily's diaper and right after I attached one side of the diaper Lily, whose legs were up in the air, pulled them down which unattached the diaper tab. It wasn't me who diapered her incorrectly in the middle of the night, it was Lily who probably in her fussing to eat, kicked and twisted to make the tab of the almost too small diaper come undone and since it was dark and the middle of the night I didn't notice. Lesson learned: diapers that might be a bit too small need to stay downstairs and be worn during the day!

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35 and holding said...

the tour of homes thing is pretty cool. Maybe i will try that too. Of course, you gotta have decorations before you can post photos! I have done the diaper thing too when mine were little, don't stress.


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