Sunday, December 28, 2008

blah sunday

One word to describe the month of December weather-wise: BLAH!
I am tired of the cloudy, rainy, dreary weather we have been having.
It was sunny yesterday, but today it is so dark and gray, I hate it, it is not motivating and I need motivation to get the house clean and organized.
I need lots of motivation especially since I am sitting on my bed with Lance asleep on me and I could easily move him and get started with what I want to get done, but I lack that motivation and energy to do anything but sit.
My goal: to have the house nice, clean and organized for New Year's so hopefully all I have to do is maintain. I got very behind in cleaning/organizing after Lily because right afterwards I began swim practice and that took up a lot of my time and since that starts back up in a few weeks I need to re-group and get ready for the busy weeks ahead.
Today we went to Target and used our gift cards, I am excited to say we are now owners of a new trashcan. Exciting I know, but I don't always have an extra 50 dollars to spend on a new trashcan and I have been wanting a new one ever since the foot lever broke on ours. I really wanted a different one, but I couldn't rationalize spending 100 on a trash can, maybe one day when we are rich and famous, but until then we got a 50 dollar trash can on clearance for 35, a good find. I should go down and clean out the fridge and make use of our new shiny trashcan, or I may just stay and relax a little longer, I can always clean tomorrow.

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