Monday, December 29, 2008

he's a train man and she doesn't hate the car

Lance loves all kind of vehicles, but trains are probably his favorite. Everywhere we go he has to take a train or car with him and we can't drive by Barnes and Noble without hearing him screaming to go in a play. Since trains are his passion we took a mini-trip to a small museum to see their model train exhibit. For the holidays they have a model train display with Thomas the Tank Engine and the Polar Express racing around the tracks. Lance absolutely loved it! We walked around and around and around. He didn't want to leave, he probably could have stayed there all afternoon watching the trains if I would have let him. Lance enjoyed our little adventure and I am excited because Lily survived the 30 minute drive. I am so thankful the trip wasn't a screaming fest because lately we have been limited to where we will go because she screams seems to hate the car. We will be traveling with the swim team late in January and I really need her to get over he hatred of the car because the 4 hour trip to Maryland is going to be unbearable if she continues to scream while we are travelling.

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Lauri said...

Hey Sarah, does Lily like radio static? We recently found out that Danica loves it - she will usually stop crying instantly as if we flipped a light switch. It has to be louder than her crying, so it's kinda annoying, but better than hearing her cry the whole trip. In the car we always say, "Let's see what's on Danica's station today!" :)


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