Tuesday, November 11, 2008

was it something I ate

Or a bug? we may never really find out.
Last night Jeff came to pick up Lance at swim practice and he looked rough. He was pale and said that his stomach was bothering him. Occasionally when Jeff eats red meat he has some stomach issues so I didn't think too much of it. I was concerned because he did look so pale, but after checking on him later he seemed better. I got home from practice and he seemed fine so I didn't think that it was a bug or food poisoning. We went to bed and at 12:30 Lily got up to eat, I fed her, drank a large amount of water, and went back to sleep. I woke up at 1:30 and didn't feel so good, thought it was maybe all the water I drank. After about an hour I realized I had been plagued with whatever had been bothering Jeff earlier that day. I was up all night, it was rough. I was finally at 6 able to fall asleep until close to 8 am. I am feeling better now and I am thankful that whatever is the problem isn't as bad as it could have been (vomiting all night long). I was scared to eat anything this morning, but after toast and tons of water I felt better, though exhausted. I was able to get a small nap in too which helps, but I can't wait for a good night's sleep hopefully tonight. Since Lance has been healthy and Jeff and I came down with the funk within hours we think it maybe food poisoning, but you never really know. I keep thinking it might be the chicken divan casserole I made Sunday night so then I get paranoid and don't know if I want to eat the other casserole I made that night if it was the chicken. Also, I saved some of the Chicken Divan for my mom, should I have her eat it to see if she gets sick or not let her eat any since it may not be the casserole? It probably isn't the casserole since Jeff ate it twice and I had the funk worse. Okay, totally over thinking here and on a totally random note: it happened, I knew it would: Lance fell in the pool last night at practice.
Falling in was one of those things I thought would probably happen just once and it did and hopefully I pray it will never happen again. He is fine and fell in practically in the arms of one of the swimmers so she was right there to catch him. He is usually very good around the pool, but every now and then he gets a little too comfortable. Sometimes if the ladies don't get going fast enough I let Lance bop them on the head with a noodle. Last night he was trying to bop one of them and she grabbed the noodle and when he tried to move it he lost his balance and went right in. He was fine and definitely learned his lesson. It was kind of scary when it happened, one of those times when life seems to be in slow motion and you can't move fast enough even when you are so close. I kind of scared one of the swimmers because I shoved Lily into her arms so I could hold Lance after his dunk in the water and she wasn't prepared to be holding the lilybean, but I didn't want her to get wet. I love water and swimming, but I know how dangerous it is especially with small children and I wanted Lance to understand that you can't get to close and he is like me, he doesn't always learn unless he experiences it so last night he learned first hand. Last night was also a reminder that I need to review CPR on small children, it has been awhile. I also am thankful for the quick thinking of the head coach for pulling him out before he freaked out and the swimmer who caught him while he was falling, he got wet, but not fully submerged. So last night was not the greatest of nights for me and I survived, there will be worse, and hopefully much better.

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