Monday, November 10, 2008

melt my heart

There is a teddy bear in our house and this bear has become Lance's new baby.
Yesterday afternoon when we were trying, unsuccessfully I might add, to get Lance to take a nap, he would give the bear a blanket and have the bear lay down to rest, problem was it wasn't in the bed, but on the floor.
Today when I was walking around, patting Lily's butt, and trying to get her to go to sleep I noticed Lance was following me around and doing the same thing I was. It was very cute seeing him holding his bear the same way I was holding Lily and walking around with a bit of a hop to each step just like I was. So to have a little fun I got a diaper that Lily was to big for and a sleeper of her (a yellow one so the bear could be a boy) and helped Lance put both on the teddy bear. Lance didn't like the sleeper too much since the teddy bear's legs were too short so he quickly removed the sleeper. He also took off the diaper and put it in the trash, I guess the bear had a wet diaper. Lance tried to put his swim trunks on the teddy and got out a sweatshirt, but didn't manage to get them on the bear, I wasn't able to give assistance since I was still trying to get Lilybean to bed. It melted my heart watching Lance acting as though his bear was a baby. He put the bear in the swing and even put on the music for him. Lance pretending the bear was a baby gave me an idea to get him to take a nap. Lily was up way to early this morning so I really wanted Lance to nap so I could too. I decided to try and get Lance to get the bear to go to sleep in hopes in the process he might too. Lance, the bear, and I crawled onto Lance's bed, everyone had a blanket and a bedtime story. I tried to get Lance to read the story to his bear in hopes of finding a way to get him to try and talk more, but he wouldn't try and I gave in. We read a story and then laid down to sleep. Lance did not immediately go to sleep and was quite restless, I on the other hand was exhausted so I went into my room to lay down. Right before I fell asleep Lance came in and laid down too. Yes!!! Everyone asleep, one point for mom.
This also gets me really excited to take Lance to Build-A-Bear, I think he would enjoy picking out a bear and making it, I even might let him find an outfit for him though I cringe at what he might pick out.

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35 and holding said...

you know they have one in roanoke now, right?? save your pennies!! It is EXPENSIVE!! If you go, check with me first, i may have a coupon laying around. Just got something in the mail...


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