Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ever since Lilybean was born, well actually shortly thereafter Lance has decided that napping isn't always important and necessary and has made my afternoons difficult. Well this last week I have discovered how to get the kid to sleep. Jeff will be made at me.
Have him nap in our room on our bed with me (or least with me there at first).
Once he is asleep I can move him to his room but I don't always.
This is bad because he also wants to sleep in here at night, but I don't blame him. Jeff and I sleep together and Lily is in her bassinet right beside us, we are all here and he is banished in his room. Poor buddy.
Now that Lily is (actually was) only getting up once a night I think it is almost time to move her to her crib, but I have concerns.
Her crib is downstairs in her room, my bed and her bed are the furthest distance apart and I don't know if I am ready for the long trek yet.
Her room has horrible drafty windows and it is cold in there.
Did I mention it is so far away?
So I was thinking, I might get Jeff to bring her crib back upstairs and put it in Lance's room and then maybe he won't feel so left out. Just a thought.

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