Sunday, November 09, 2008

i wish

I wish I had some money to spend. If I had money I would buy:
1- a new rug for our living room, I think the floor tiles would work with having kids because you can replace dirty areas and pick them up and remove them for cleaning
2- a vacuum that would actually suck in a good way
3- blinds that would let in the light but also keep some privacy
4- some new clothes that actually fit me
and of course the practical and much needed
5- replacement windows

1 comment:

35 and holding said...

oh, i could do one of these too!! I just went out, opened a target credit card and bought us new phones. OMG, i couldn't even dial a "5" on one and the other one you can't hear on, so i would dial on one and then switch to the one you could hear on. I thought that warranted a credit card for some new phones.


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