Saturday, November 22, 2008

looking forward to the week ahead

I can't say that I have been looking forward any particular week in a long time (I guess since we went to the beach), but I can honestly say I am looking forward to this week.
Several reasons:
1- we aren't traveling so we will actually be able to stay at home and relax, haven't done that in ages (I was a wee stressed about the packing, traveling in the car with Ms. Screamer, trying to figure out where lance would sleep, and generally just being away from home with two kids)
2-because we were planning on going out-of-town and it a holiday we have no commitments this week!!!
3-Jeff has a whole day off and we have nothing going on (well thanksgiving dinner)
4- no swim practice wednesday-friday nights, so I will actually be home in the evenings
5- small group is breakfast monday morning and my friend Meredith will be joining us and with Lance hanging out with the other kids it will be a lot of fun
6- next week is the week it is officially appropriate to decorate for Christmas and listen to Christmas music
7-i think it is suppose to be a tad bit warmer so Lance can get some outside time in
8- this coming week is the official start to the Christmas shopping season and I hope business will pick up at the shop so we can get ahead
9- did i mention no swim practice, i am so burned out I badly need the break
10-my stress level will be greatly decreased due to a quiet week where I will hopefully get caught up on housework, i work best in the morning so if I don't get started early it doesn't get done
so i am happy it is turkey day and it will be low key

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