Sunday, November 23, 2008

sunday family portrait

Today was family portrait day. I thought that Lily was not going to cooperate, but she did great. Lance who I thought was going to smile and show off had meltdown after meltdown, it wasn't. I think we got a good large family shot (the 4 of us plus my mom, sister, and her husband), but I don't think we got a good one of the four of us, oh well, maybe next year. I am tired, today was busy and the kiddos haven't been the easiest to deal with. Lily did not want to sit during church and insisted on being walked around, but that got Lance all riled up so we left early, Jeff was running sound so he wasn't able to help. While I was getting ready for our pictures Lily screamed, then when we were taking pictures Lance was crying and throwing himself on the floor constantly. Then I went to a Pampered Chef party with my mom where Lily wasn't too bad, but now that we are home she isn't a happy camper because all day has been nap interruptous and she hasn't had a solid chunk of downtime. We still need to go to Target to get diapers and then we can call it a day. Oh wait, I still need to make coffeecake for tomorrow, type out the swim practice, and balance the checkbook. Then there's dinner and laundry folding, ahhh, will it ever end?

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35 and holding said...

No, i am pretty convinced it will NEVER EVER end. If you figure it out, clue me in. That is pretty much why my house is a mess all the time. Can't seem to work it in and it is not real high on my priority list with everthing else i have going on...


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