Friday, November 21, 2008

friday night tv and holiday plans

totally random:
there usually isn't anything good on tv on friday night, but we have discovered something that we are enjoying: Whale Wars on Animal Planet. I am not quite sure how I feel about it because I don't necessary agree with actions of both parties (the whalers and the protesters), but it has been very interesting so far.
i am excited it is friday and I don't have anything planned for tomorrow, maybe I can get something done, like clean the house.
Next week we were suppose to travel to be with Jeff's family for Thanksgiving, but something has come up and we aren't going unfortunately. I am kind of relieved that I won't have to pack up all the kid gear for two days, but I am sad that it is another opportunity that we won't see his extended family. I am looking forward to having several days with nothing to do, but I was looking forward to going shopping in a nicer, bigger mall, though we have no money, but looking can be fun. I am also happy that I won't have to endure 4 hours in the car with Lily who seems to hate the car, but we also won't be doing anything exciting for Thanksgiving.

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