Saturday, November 08, 2008

getting to old

I am getting to old to be out late at night and I am sad at how pathetic I have become.
Last night the swim team had a meet down in North Carolina (about 2 hours away). The meet started at 7 and was over around nine. After the meet we headed to a restaurant for dinner. I felt old while my swimmers were skimming the menu to find the best thing to eat in the budget given I was scanning it looking for something that wouldn't give my indigestion or heartburn if I went straight to sleep. While I was struggling to stay awake the swimmers were joking around and some were even planning what they were going to do when we got back. They didn't think it was at all strange to be eating dinner at ten o'clock at night, to them the night was still young. They also weren't concerned that we were not going to be home until after midnight thus resulting in not being able to go to bed until late, then again, they don't have a two year old and a newborn to wake them up at seven a.m.. I tried my best to be social, but all I really wanted to do was go home and curl up in bed, I felt old. On the way home, the swimmers watched Step Up 2 and I dozed on and off, it was hard to stay asleep on the bus, I don't sleep well sitting up and despite being a large charter bus it wasn't a smooth ride. We got back at 12:45 a.m. and after opening up the building to put some supplies in I hightailed it home, I wanted to get to sleep as soon as I could. After feeding Lily, getting ready for bed, I snuggled down in the covers just to be jolted to sleep minutes later by a ringing sound. At first I thought I was imagining it, but after hearing it again my imagination started to go crazy because I had just realized the front door wasn't locked and I imagined a burglar. After realizing the sound was not from a burglar's cell phone I woke up Jeff to ask him if he heard the sound, I thought I could be dreaming again. Fortunately he heard it too and was able to figure out what it was. Lance has a toy cell phone that happened to be lying open in his room and was ringing randomly. Jeff, my hero, got the ringing to stop, locked the front door, and we both went back to sleep, and sleep I did until eight this morning. Lance and Lily must have gotten the memo this time and let us sleep in. Once again, I feel old for thinking that sleeping in till eight is something to get excited about. As a result of being out late last night I am struggling today once again pointing out that I am getting old. I am only 30, but feel more like a senior citizen, I miss the night owl I once was, one that could eat at all hours without having indigestion, could stay awake until late at night, could sleep in, could just have energy. Both kiddos are asleep, I should be too so I won't fall asleep at 9 and feel really old.

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35 & holding said...

Oh, you are in for it. Wait until you get a few more years on you and then you will REALLY feel old. Especially when you start having strange aches and pains and weird health issues. It just gets better. Sorry to break that to you!! LOL.
Thanks for the header. Did you see it??


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