Friday, November 07, 2008

the bright spot of my day

today and i am grumpy because i am stressed, but there was a bright spot and I never would have guessed it months ago but in involved getting gas.
WOW! I got gas (thanks to my Kroger 1-2-3 rewards) for 1.856.
When I got to the station the gas light was one and I filled up for only $26.01.
A month ago 25 dollars would give me half a tank and now a full tank. It is so nice to not have to pay an arm and leg for gas. I can't even remember the last time gas was less than 2 dollars.
So there is my bright spot.

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35 & holding said...

amen to that! Isn't it amazing? i can't remember when it was as low as it is now... well, i take that back. I remember when we were at ODU and gas was right at $1 sometimes less.


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